Speaker / Author / Trainer

Founder/Director - Derrick Hall

If your local church closed it's doors tomorrow, would people in your community miss it? Does your church have real impact in your community? Have you wondered, "How can I reach my family, friends, neighbors and working associates for Christ?"

As founder and director of the Witnessing Church, Derrick has a passion for not just sharing Christ with others but teaching others how to share Him. Serving in several capacities including evangelist, Bible worker, associate pastor, missionary, church growth specialist and evangelism coordinator has provided a broad experience in ministry.

His Christ centered seminars, workshops and evangelism training boot camps will provide practical instruction on following Christ's methods in door to door work, giving Bible studies, reaching the heart, gaining decisions, and helping people grow in a relationship with Christ.

Derrick Hall is also the Christian author of the book The Witnessing Church which has been endorsed by Adventist authors - Dr. Herbert E. Douglass, Gary Gibbs and Pastor Ivor Myers. His book is available through the Adventist Book Center and Amazon.com.

Derrick and his wife Devaney have two daughters who are supportive of his ministry. His hobbies include, singing, guitar, racquetball and flying. His other books includes Credit Repair and the Christian, God's Health Care Plan, Financial Counsels compilations of Ellen G. White writings and Debt Watchers Fitness.

Elder Hall is currently available for the following events:

Events: Camp meetings, Men's retreats, Seminars, Sermons, Ministerial meetings, Conference/Union ministry conventions, Leadership training events, Keynote address Speaker.

Topics: Revival, Church Renewal, Friendship Evangelism, Public Evangelism, Healthy Churches, Lay Ministry, Equipping Ministry, Soul Winning, Church Growth and Godly Living at End-time and Living a Spirit-filled Life.