The Witnessing Church is a subsidiary ministry of Begin Again Living Ministries, which is a multifacet ministry encompassing, evangelism, health expo, reaping meetings, oversea missionary work, training seminars and workshops.

Our training is designed for churches that want to take their outreach efforts to the next level. Participants get focused, expert instruction on personal and public evangelism.

We're happy at helping our churches fulfill the great commission. GO! We also provide an evangelism implementation plan that outlines the steps involved in setting up your church into an ongoing evangelism center.



The Witnessing Church is a TOTAL PROGRAM OF EVANGELISM which incorporates the four essential phases of effective lay-evangelism:

1. MOBILIZATION - "LET THE GOSPEL MESSAGE RING THROUGH OUR CHURCHES SUMMONING THEM TO UNIVERSAL ACTION". - Testimonies Vol 1, p. 14. Hundreds and thousands of our laymen can be inspired to engage in Christian Service if they are aquainted with a PRACTICAL and WORKABLE plan of soulwinning such as is afforded by the Witnessing Church.

2. TRAINING - "EVERY CHURCH SHOULD BE A TRAINING SCHOOL FOR CHRISTIAN WORKERS". - Christian Service p. 59. An "on-the-job training", such as the one which Christ provided to His disciple, is furnished by the Witnessing Church to every church member who wants to participate in the "unfinished task".

3. ORGANIZATION - "IT IS ESSENTIAL TO LABOR WITH ORDER FOLLOWING AN ORGANIZED PLAN AND A DEFINITE OBJECT". - Evangelism p. 94. The usefulness of our resources can be greatly maximized by utilizing efficient organization. Good organization is part and parcel of the Witnessing Church enabling it to marshall the tremendous power which is found in our laity.

4. OUTREACH - "HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS WERE SEEN VISITING FAMILIES AND OPENING BEFORE THEM THE WORD OF GOD". - Testimonies Vol 9, p. 126. WE NEED TO MULTIPY THE VOICES THAT CAN GIVE THE MESSAGE EFFECTIVELY ON A WORLD-WIDE BASIS. The Witnessing Church fosters a program of "every-member-evangelism" whose object is the giving of the Everlasting Gospel to a dying world.


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