Witnessing Church Boot Camp - If your local church closed its doors tomorrow, would people in your community miss it? Does your church have a real impact in your community?  Have you wondered, how can I reach my family, friends, neighbors and working associates for Christ?

During this radically different seven one-hour sessions you will discover...

  • How your church can make a dynamic impact in your community
  • How to have a steady stream on interests walking through your church doors
  • How to organize targeted mission groups to effectively reach people in your community 
  • How to successfully conduct health and family seminars based on felt needs for maximum impact
  • How to logically blend health, outreach and spiritual programs
  • How to build a powerful bridge from seminars to evangelism
  • How to tap into FREE resources that will make your evangelistic efforts successful everytime 
  • How to make your church an ongoing evangelistic center

    Don't miss this opportunity to discover how Christ's methods alone bring true success! Encourage your pastor, elders and members to have a Witnessing Church two day seminar at your church. If you're ready for your life and your church to be revolutionized, don't hesitate. Get on board today and Move your Christian Experience Into Action!


    Duration of Program: Two Day, Weekend or 2 consecutive Sabbath


    For information, call 877.582.2256, fax 877.265.9196 or email onsite@balministries.org